On Magazines & Lean Cuisines

Today I realized that my receipt from the drugstore was a pretty much a direct reflection of my current life situation. Here is what I bought:

- Four magazines (Time, Us Weekly, O- with Michelle Obama on the cover! and Vanity Fair)
- lipgloss
- 5 Lean Cuisine microwave dinners (all the same kind, a frightening chicken/rice combo)
- A book of Obama’s inaugural speech
- Orange juice (Excellent either at breakfast or in company with vodka. Which, who am I kidding- may be consumed at breakfast)
- milk (because without it, I am lost)

Now let me say a few things. Yeah. I buy my groceries at the drugstore. The thing is, stores are all about convenience now, so I mean, my drugstore is pretty well stocked with food items, just like how one of my favourite grocery stores now carries clothes. So I can buy the latest head of lettuce while getting the latest spring fashions. Score.

Also? I’m not on a diet, but Lean Cuisines pretty much save my ass when it comes to making lunches. Sometimes I wonder what the world was like without microwaves and I fight the urge to go and hug mine and soak up all that radiation goodness.

I’m sure that if I set my basket down (because let’s face it, with that measly stock, I’m not getting a cart) and walked away, some stranger could stumble upon it and say ‘yes, the owner of this basket and it’s contents was a lazy, 20something girl with a love for soft lips and a hate-on for cooking‘.

I always look in other peoples carts while they shop. I see the woman who is obviously a mom, with a cart loaded down with granola bars, bulk hamburger and juice boxes. I see the single dudes with baskets filled with protein shakes and frozen pizzas. I see a cart being pushed by a happy couple, a cart filled with obscure vegetables and exotic fruits and imagine that these are their first days as a married couple, cooking for each other. What would your grocery cart say about you?

18 Responses to “On Magazines & Lean Cuisines”

  1. Jules says:

    I am a married thirty year old who hates to cook. My cart doesn’t look that much different from yours. If you add your cart to the single guy cart and throw in a few obscure veggies and exotic fruits, that’s my cart. No juice boxes though.

  2. Leah Felicity says:

    Fairly certain my cart says I have a sickening fascination with Eggo waffles and lowfat syrup, both of which I buy in bulk. Pretty much everything I buy comes in a box or a bag. I have very little fresh produce at any time. I think that people look at my cart and think that I’m kept alive by preservatives alone and probably get no nutrients (probably true).

  3. Matt says:

    Or if you want to be classy during breakfast- Mimosa’s.

    Anyway, my grocery cart makes me look very conservative I am sure… probably makes the cashier think I am a sensible guy who cares about what goes into their body.

    The cashier at the liquor store knows the real me.

  4. hazel says:

    my grocery cart shows that i don’t cook because it’s stocked with english muffins, lean cuisines, cheese sticks and cherry coke zero. maybe eggs.

  5. maris says:

    Mine would show that I LIKE to cook and can’t control myself when I’m shopping. My grocery store RECEIPT would say I need to start making lists and sticking to them!

  6. Dawn says:

    “a cart filled with obscure vegetables and exotic fruits and imagine that these are their first days as a married couple, cooking for each other.”
    Yeah, that’s my boyfriend and I (although the term “boyfriend” would imply that these aren’t our first days as a married couple.) We’re always buying weird exotic fruits and stuff you find in the “foreign foods” aisle. Just because?
    Also…a lot of yogurt and frozen pizzas and frozen bagged food and Chef Boyardee. Which I guess says that we’re also lazy.

  7. Erin says:

    My grocery cart would say that I’m a poor college student. It’s mostly full of store-brand pasta, cereal, pot pies, and pizzas, with a few dented cans of this and that or whatever else happens to be on sale.

    Whenever we’re out shopping my fiance and I look at all of the people whose carts are stuffed with brand name junk food and we really want to sit them down and explain how grocery shopping should work. We spend half of what they do for more food, and while pasta and pizza aren’t very healthy, neither are cokes and potato chips.


  8. Lindsay says:

    I have a hard time leaving the drugstore without lipgloss. It’s a sickness.

  9. lucklys says:

    pretty sure mine says that i should probably make a list next time so i don’t spend $50 on impulse buys.

  10. S. says:

    My cart would probably say I am a caffeine addict. When I went to the store yesterday I bought two monster lo-carb drinks, a 5lb can of coffee, a 15 pack of 1 little bottle of water, paper plates, and fresh grapes.

  11. Fabulously Broke says:

    Hello? Sis? Is that you?


    My sister is totally your cart - lipgloss, orange juice, frozen dinners.

    Me, I’m the half of a couple with mostly fresh fruits, veggies, meat, chicken, NO chemicals or cleaners (detergents, etc.. no way), no toiletries, sometimes toilet paper & tissue paper and always eggs and yoghurt.

    We’re freaks…. We know.

    Fabulously Broke in the City
    Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver.

  12. A Super Girl says:

    That I’m abnormally obsessed with dairy and cheese. Oh and pasta too. Because those are basically the only things I buy.

    Now, my drugstore cart is another story. I once went in to CVS and went up to the check-out counter with the following items: My birth control prescription, condoms, tampons, and Ben & Jerry’s.

    What does that say? Crazy lady on PMS streak who is abnormally obsessed with prophylactic methods.

  13. brookem says:

    im your cart. except for the obama book. id amazon or ebay that.

    my cart would have twice the milk, some gum, altoids, carbury eggs, and cards.
    so basically im a milk loving, hoping to get lucky and trying to add a little shabang into the nookie, this time with mints, chocoholic who likes to write.
    or something.

  14. Maxie says:

    That I love cheese and alcohol.

  15. thatShortChick says:

    this is what i purchased at target today: skinny cow ice cream treats, instant oatmeal express (the kind that’s already in the bowl - all you have to do is add hot water), crystal light, O magazine (with the First Lady) some seedless grapes, potato chips, and shoes.

    which screams I am lazy and obviously live at home with my parents. (because there was nothing in my cart to produce an actual meal).

  16. Princess Pointful says:

    I do the same thing. I also try to figure out what they are planning to make for dinner.

    I think I look like I am trying really hard to be healthy, but with a few inconsistencies– like Reese’s Pieces Cereal. It’s healthier for you than you’d think, I swear!

  17. how to get a girl back says:

    This advice is really going to help, thanks.

  18. Shaba says:

    My cart would say, “Desperately trying to be healthy, yet has an appreciation for dairy products and diet soda.”
    I love looking at other people’s shopping order, because of this I think that being a grocery check out person would be a great job…for about a day. I’d want no part of coupon mania.

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